Individual Lock (IL)

Medication administration directly at the patient's bedside, safer than ever


Safe and controlled medication administration

The Individual Lock medication system ensures that medication is safe and controlled during the (logistic) closed-loop process in the hospital. With this solution only an authorized employee gets - after identifying the patient - access to his or her personal medication bin. With AMiS IL you give certain responsibilities to the right healthcare professionals, what will guaranteed contribute to the quality and effectivity of your healthcare!





  • With AMiSconnect integrated to the hospital network
  • Wireless connection AMiS computer (AWCP)
  • No installation of local drivers and files required
  • Supports desktop infrastructures: CITRIX XenDesktop/XenApp with HDX, VMware Horizon View with PCoIP, Microsoft App-V and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Easy management of users with Active Directory

Wireless connection

With the Alphatron Wireless Communication Protocol (AWCP) users and administrators get wireless access to the medication box.
A RFID based Nearfield Communicator ensures that data can be safely transferred between AMiS and the medication box, without the disturbance caused by the area. 

Full integration in the hospital network

Medication box Individual Lock communicates with the hospital network without installing drivers and local files. The medication box is automatically included in the CITRIX session. 

Connection with Active Directory

Because of the integration with Active Directory users can easily be imported in de Individual Lock user module. Through an LDAP connection all users are being updated. In the user module is possible to add a personal PIN code to every AD-user. 

Connection Imprivata

Because of the Imprivata connection, it is possible to connect the Individual Lock medication software with Imprivata Confirm ID™,  whereby authorization through the system is logged and managed.



The application

Access, Filling and Dispensing (administration)


Logging into the application can be done with an ID badge or personal PIN code. With the right identification and authorization you get access to the filling module (connect patients to medication bins) or the dispensing module (registration of medication after patient identification).

Filling        Dispensing (administration)    

During the filling process a medication bin will be connected to a patient or medication. Additional security can be added to specific bins. 

    During the registration process at the patient's bedside, the caregiver gets access only to the medication of the identified patient (and bins assigned to other medication). 

If there is added security to a bin, a second caregiver needs to identify themselves. 


Central management

Login as administrator can be done from any workstation with access to the client application.

  • Overview (general settings)
  • Overview and management of all medication boxes in the network 
  • Connect medication boxes to departments and groups
  • Manage individual settings of each medication box
  • User management; by connection with Active Directory groups
  • Change authorization settings (PIN code, badge, Imprivata integration)
  • Change general settings as workflows and timers
  • View logfiles of medication boxes, departments and users